Flooded Basement Boston 02118

This client had water damage in his basement which was caused from his basement flooding due to a water heater rupture.  They heard something weird in the morning before leaving for work but never decided to go into the basement to check to see if what was going on?  A broken leaking pipe near the water boiler had ruptured causing the flooded basement.  All the carpet was soaking wet by the time they found out.  They needed us to extract and dry the basement out.

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flooded basement boston


Water Damage in Boston K St SouthBoston

Here is a recent job we did when the basement flooded with sewage on K st Boston.  If people are not familiar with South Boston it can be difficult to navigate in a restoration truck with heavy equipment, parking is a real pain.  We got lucky with parking on this one and saved the day for this happy client we were able to take out all contaminated contents and  extract and clean a very large basement in just about 4 hours!

flooded basement boston







Category 3 loss is grossly contaminated and may contain pathogenic, toxigenic or other harmful agents. Such water sources may carry silt, organic matter, pesticides, heavy metals, regulated materials, or toxic organic substances.



How to affordably clean your home using all natural home remedies.

Vacuum off odors…To rid your house of pet, cooking,or other smells, add a cotton ball soaked in vanilla or lavender oil to your vacuum cleaner bag, and vacuum away.  It’s a great way to rid your home of an offensive odor by creating a nice scent instead.

Candle Scandal…Removing candle wax from your wood floors is easy if you soften the wax first with a blow dryer, then peel off.  Wipe any excess with a paper towel, and then clean with a mixture of half white vinegar and half water.

Patch up Carpet Burns…Here’s how to eliminate cigarette burns in your carpet: First, cut away the burn mark.  Then, cut a bit of carpet from an area that’s covered by a piece of furniture(e.g., under a couch), and glue it carefully over the burnt spot.  Finally, smack the person who dropped the ashes.

Crayon Cleanup...Have your little Picassos taken to the wall s with their crayon master-pieces? Don’t Fret! A great way to clean off the Crayola is by using a car paste wax: Apply to the affected area, let it sink in and soften the crayon, then buff it off. Wipe the wall with a  all purpose cleaner and it’ll look like new.  If your child has drawn on your furniture with crayon, run the warm air form a hair dyer over the marks.  The heat will melt the  waxy marks a bit, making them easy to remove.

No Need for Febreze… Sprinkle rugs, the couch, and upholstered chairs with baking soda before you vacuum.  Give it a hour to work its magic and go to work.  It will keep rugs and furniture cleaner and fresher over the long haul.

Just suck it up…Trying to clean super small spaces around the house? Don’t buy additional vacuum equipment if your attachments are too big.  Instead, grab a straw-preferable one of those giant straws from a fast-food chain-and insert part of it into the smallest attachment you have.  Tape it in place, and you’ll be able to suck up dirt and dust in the tiniest of spaces.

Stinky old sponges…There’s no need to throw out your stinky old sponges.  Just soak them in cold salt water, rinse and they’re good to use again.


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How to Select a Professional Cleaning Company

The first thing to understand about hiring a professional cleaning company is that all companies are NOT the same.  Hiring a cleaning service isn’t a commodity. You need to do a little homework in making a selection.


Yes, price is a consideration, but it shouldn’t be the deciding factor.  The cheap cleaning companies cannot afford things that protect you like liability insurance, workman’s compensation, and background checks on employees.  The brutal truth is over half the companies in our area don’t have this type of protection for you.  This leaves you vulnerable. At VioClean we carry full liability and workman’s comp. And we do full background checks on all employees.

100% Guarantee

Make sure the company has a written guarantee stating that they will return if problems arise.  Many companies give a vague satisfaction guarantee.  But you need one in writing.  At VioClean, we guarantee, ” If you’re not happy, you don’t pay for the job.” Furthermore, if any spots return, we’ll come back at NO CHARGE for up to 30 days.

Training and Certifications

Many companies have no professional training. Make sure the company you choose has been professionally trained to do what they do.  Many times, certifications are given. The IICRC, is the largest certification body for professional carpet cleaners. VioClean has been trained and certified by the IICRC in the are of carpet cleaning and water damage restoration.

3 Reasons to get your carpets cleaned

1. Your home will look beautiful. You can keep an environment your family and friends will enjoy being in. Stain-free carpet leaves a great first impression.

2. You’ll save money by your carpet lasting longer. Maintenance is always cheaper than replacement. Carpet and rug manufacturers recommend professional cleaning at least every 12 months.

3. You’ll have a healthier home. Proper cleaning actually improves the health of your home by removing pollens, mold spores, dander, pollutants and soils.

#1 Affordable Carpet Cleaning Company in the Boston

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Water damage in Lynn, Ma

Here is a photo of some water damage in Lynn, Ma caused by a sewer main line backup. As you can see this is a dirty job that needs a professional clean up service that can disinfect and dry it out afterwards.

Sewage and water damage in basement

Sewage and water damage in basement

Extraction completed

Extraction completed

Sources of Water Damage

Water damage is the number one source of property claims for owners of high-rise residences, hotels, office buildings, retail establishments and other commercial structures. What often starts out as a small, undetected leak can quickly spread down through a building, travelling the route of least resistance and at a great distance from its original source, making detection extremely difficult.

Water entering a building generally comes from one of three sources, each with their
own specific types of exposures:
1. Rain/surface water
• The roof on a building acts as a large water collector, and inferior designs of
valleys, gullies and downpipes can result in leaks.
• Poor maintenance of roof rainwater services can lead to blockages and
overflows, which can often escape back into the building.
• Severe storms and flooding from seasonal weather patterns can test even the
most well-designed and well-maintained roof and building.

2. Grey/foul water
• Today’s high-tech residential and commercial appliances (washing machines,
refrigerators with ice machines, coffee machines, water coolers, etc.) require
more sophisticated plumbing hook-ups, and if installed wrong, can cause leaks.
• Grey/foul waters tend to present intermittent leaks, which can slowly build up
over time, as these types of appliances are not in constant use.
• Sprinkler piping and pump sets operate at high pressures, so any break in a line
can give rise to rapid loss of large volumes of water.
3. Facility systems/services water
• Plant rooms, boiler rooms and HVAC installations bring additional large
volumes of water into a building, so any leak in these systems can result in
extensive water flow throughout multiple floors, especially if these systems are
located on the top floor or roof.
• Feed water installations off municipal mains are often pumped, requiring
proper operation and maintenance.
• The stability of water supply is an issue, as any loss of water supply is likely to
lead to faucets accidentally left in the open position.
• Unoccupied properties are prone to freezing and subsequent burst pipes
leading to large-scale water damage.
• The water supplies in some areas contain certain minerals, which can increase
the corrosion rate of the water

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Water Damage Prevention

Benefits of a water damage mitigation program Water damages can affect many physical, operational and financial aspects of your property operations. Beyond the obvious damages to the building’s structure and electrical/HVAC systems, a water-related incident can negatively affect your tenants, operations as well.

If your tenants experience business disruptions, you will most likely be required to offer rent reductions or waivers. Managing the remediation process itself can be time-consuming for your building staff. In the worst case, conflicts can arise that lead to expensive lawsuits and can put your reputation as a landlord at risk.

Property owners and managers can reduce the possibility of extensive losses through a comprehensive water damage mitigation program. The program should be developed based on detailed checklists that are specific to your facility. This detailed analysis gives your organization’s risk managers, safety managers, building engineers and other professionals more control over these potentially paralyzing situations.

A typical checklist assesses procedures and practices such as:
• Are small leaks promptly repaired?
• Is the cause of any leak analyzed to determine if it was an isolated occurrence,
or a symptom of a system-wide problem?
• Are housekeeping personnel instructed to immediately notify maintenance when
any type of dripping, leakage or clogged drains is found?
• Is there close monitoring of the work of outside contractors and vendors that may
affect piping systems (sprinklers, water, etc.)?
• Are there any liquid storage tanks or vessels (hot water, condensate, boilers, fuel
oil, etc.) inside the building, mechanical penthouse, or on the roof?
• Are pipe diagrams or prints up to date, and showing the location of valves for all
liquid carrying systems?
• Are shut off valves “exercised” (closed and reopened, lubricated as needed)
at least annually to verify they can be quickly closed during an emergency?
• Is someone available on all shifts trained to respond immediately to any leak?
• Is someone immediately available at all times with authorization
(24 hours x 7 days) to call and bring in the professional clean up and restoration companies?

This is just a short list of issues to be analyzed when developing a comprehensive water damage mitigation program.

VioClean Earns Esteemed 2012 Angie’s List Super Service Award

Award reflects company’s consistently high level of customer service

VioClean 211 Essex St Swampscott, Ma 01907 has earned the service industry-coveted 2012 Angie’s List Super Service Award, an honor awarded annually to approximately 5 percent of all the companies rated on Angie’s List, the nation’s leading provider of consumer reviews on local service companies.


“ We at VioClean are proud to except this award and look forward to providing excellent carpet cleaning and water damage services to Angies List customers”.


“It’s a select group of companies rated on Angie’s List that can claim the exemplary customer service record of being a Super Service Award winner,” said Angie’s List Founder Angie Hicks. “Our standards for the Super Service Award are quite high. The fact that VioClean earned this recognition speaks volumes about its dedication providing great service to its customers.”


Angie’s List Super Service Award 2012 winners have met strict eligibility requirements, including earning a minimum number of reports, an excellent rating from their customers and abiding by Angie’s List operational guidelines.


Service company ratings are updated daily on Angie’s List. Companies are graded on an A through F scale in areas ranging from price to professionalism to punctuality. Members can find the 2012 Super Service Award logo next to company names in search results on AngiesList.com.

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The Benefits of Green Cleaning and Water Damage

Whether you’re a new homeowner or one that’s been around the block a couple of times between different properties, water damage is always that one emergency that pops up when you least expect it, causing havoc at the most inopportune times. Nothing feels worse than the moment when you wake up in the middle of the night and step into mushy, soaked carpet, or coming back to your home to find a burst pipe ruined a room in your absence. Naturally, your first instinct will be to find an appropriate water damage company: licensed, bonded, insured, IICRC certified, and all the standard qualifications. But there may be another factor worth considering: is your water damage firm eco-friendly?


At first glance, green cleaning may seem inconsequential when it comes to water damage. What if the water isn’t contaminated and a simple dryout is all that’s needed? What if you don’t have any pets or plants to worry about? Do the benefits of green cleaning really make a difference in those situations? The answer is an unequivocal “yes”. Green cleaning products are not only applicable to water damage emergencies in which exposure to chemical cleaners may be an issue for certain situations. In fact, more and more green cleaning is becoming the preferred method for many homeowners looking to not only improve the quality of living in their household but do their part in reducing harmful waste products being released into the environment.


The most immediately obvious benefit of using green solutions for a water damage job is keeping the site safe. The drawbacks and hazards of chemical cleaners and deodorizers are well-documented by this point. In addition to causing damage to the surrounding exterior environment, they can potentially leave dangerous substances in the household when used, which in turn can be toxic to any plants in your home, as well as children or pets. Since the chemicals are not biodegradable, they can linger in your home for a very long time without even being noticed.


There are a number of solutions that have cropped up in recent years to provide an alternative to traditional carpet cleaning and odor control methods, and some of these can be applied in the wake of a water damage restoration job as part of the final cleanup to the damage site. Odorox is one of the technologies that Vioclean uses to provide 100% non-toxic odor elimination and decontamination for residences. Without going too deeply into the science behind it, Odorox mimics naturally-occurring air purification methods to ensure a clean and safe home.


Additionally, there are a growing number of green and environmentally-safe cleaners available on the market. These products are made with natural ingredients that are completely biodegradable and are much safer on pretty much everything inside your home, including furniture, carpet, and various other items that can be stained or corroded with chemicals.


Some of the common perceptions with green cleaning is that they may not be as effective as chemical cleaners, or that they may cost more. While this may have been true when green products first debuted, technologies have advanced sufficiently that modern-day green cleaning is not only as powerful as their traditional counterparts but competitively-priced as well. When combined with green practices for regular maintenance, the overall cost of keeping your home clean ends up lower than with chemical cleaning due to less overhead spent on various products and potential air quality treatment or medical costs that arise from a toxic home environment.


So how does all of this tie in to water damage? Well, let’s look at it this way: when your home gets damaged by water and needs restoration, there are a whole slew of other services that go along with it, such as carpet cleaning, dehumidifying, odor removal, and so on. Also, depending on the scale of the emergency, these procedures may need to be performed on not just a corner of a kitchen or a small half-bathroom, but an entire room or floor. When that much space needs to be cleaned up, the potential effects of using harsh chemical cleaners can be extremely dangerous and should be a major consideration before deciding which company to move forward with.


The next time you have water damage, take a step back and think about what would be the best solution for your situation before calling a restoration company. If you’re not sure what the potential benefits or costs of going green for your restoration job may be, call around a bit and speak with certified technicians first so that you can make the most informed decision you can.


This article was provided by Superior Restoration, a Temecula water damage company. Superior Restoration has been serving the Inland Empire for over ten years, and prides itself on providing excellent quality of work and customer service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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